Little Miracles Expands to the US

The US energy drink market may be in for a big surprise. The US energy drink market, which has become the target for negative press in recent years, is laden with artificial products. Despite the negative press, energy drink sales have high and it is evident that American consumers love energy drinks. However, the US energy drink market lacks a healthy, holistic alternative to the traditional energy drinks of the sector. Luckily, Europe’s top energy drink company, Little Miracles, is planning to expand to the US.


Little Miracles comes in three varieties: White Tea & Cherry, Green Tea & Pomegranate, and Black Tea & Peach. The products are all USDA organic and formulated with natural products, such as tea, ginseng and fruit. Each drink is only 90 calories and sweetened with agave. The product, which are geared towards women aged 18-35, has a distinct competitive advantage in the US energy drink market. “We want to carve out that market for us, because no one else is doing it,” says Kate Woolf, Little Miracles’ International Marketing Manager. Everything from the packaging to the marketing is decidedly feminine, but the product’s sales are anything but: in 2013, Little Miracles took in around $11 million. While the product has yet to begin distribution, the company is reportedly in talks with several important distributors in the US.

To learn more about Little Miracles and their transition into the US, check out this BevNet article.

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